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A comparison of DI Alec Hardy and Detective Emmett Carver putting their coats on. For alaska-riversong.

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Halgie - Door Number Three

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I gotta protect them by whatever means necessary

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Sorrydid you say.. Bad Wolf?

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Halgie reunited

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Hey, guys!

So ER’s 20th anniversary it’s coming and seems like our show won’t have the tribute it deserves. ER is not on tv anymore which makes its anniversary even harder to be remembered. But we - the small but faithful ER fandom - won’t let that happen, right?

That’s why we have THE ER 20TH ANNIVERSARY PROJECT. All we have to do is to send a picture (just like this one HERE) or a 120 seconds video to er20project@gmail.com. I know it’s hard to show all our feelings for ER in such short time but I’m very confident that we will be a lot of ER Lovers together and I don’t want a too long video.

Want to show your love? It’s simple:

1) send me a message (here, on twitter or e-mail) with your name and where you are from.

2) send to er20project@gmail.com your video (please, the maximum is 120 seconds!!) or your picture showing all your ER love.

3) remember: the deadline is SEPTEMBER 1st

4) September 19 - the anniversary - we will join forces to share the video with all the ER cast and crew on twitter. We have a lot of them using twitter and I’m pretty sure they are going to watch it :)

So, ready? Like Peter Benton used to say: LET’S MOVE! If you have any doubt do not hesitate to ask me. AND PLEASE, SHARE THIS IDEA! REBLOG! RETWEET! POST ON YOUR BLOGS AND SITES! LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Remember: Veronica Mars fandom made a movie. We can make a nice video, right?




Where to find me:

Twitter: @you_set_thetone

Tumblr: here or yousetthetone.tumblr.com

E-mail: er20project@gmail.com

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Rebecca: Hi.
Tom: Rebecca ..
Rebecca: You were the love of my life, Tom Mason. The father of my beautiful boys. My faithful and adorable husband. I love everything about you. And of our life together. I love all the memories, all the words lit .. And all the whispers of affection between the two of us. I want you to do something for me. Stand up. Get out. Do not come back here, do not take back the past. Here there is nothing more for you. Nothing ..
Tom: There you are.

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"How do you sleep at night?"
"Who says I sleep?"

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